Fly to a different world in no time

A full-fledged dedicated airport, which can handle all-kind of private aircrafts and choppers. With breathtaking views and club-class comfort & conveniences, it offers you a touchdown experience like never before.

  • Certified CAT 2C airport that can handle night halts of all-kinds of air engine up to ATR 72 type
  • Dedicated Air Traffic Control Team works on advanced navigation system
  • Equipped with CAT III ILS operation (Enabling near zero-visibility landing) Runway measuring 1350 meters
  • Airport is available during non-monsoon days (from 01 Oct - 31 May) on a regular basis from Mumbai and Pune
  • Connects Aamby Valley City to Pune in 15 minutes and Mumbai in 25 minutes.
  • Distance between Mumbai and Aamby Airport is 25mins by Helicopter and 15mins by Fixed Wing Aircraft.
  • Airport can be reached from any part of the country based on the operational competency of aircraft in line to Category 2C airport requirement.

The first in mainland india
Experience the splash, the moment you land at the world created for the love of life. As the Hill City brings to you an exclusive ‘Waterdrome’ for your Amphibian Aircraft. 
Approved by DGCA, the Waterdrome* is first-of-its-kind in mainland India; complementing to the list of firsts that the hill city prides in.

* operation commencing shortly
Far from the chaos but conveniently accessible

  • Six lanes expressway between Mumbai and Pune puts Aamby Valley City on the fast track of accessibility.
  • Newly proposed route via Pawana Lake will connect one to the hill city easily.
  • Hosts over 250kms of tarred road of international standards with landscaped corridors and well laid-out side-walks. 
  • All modes of conveyances including luxury coaches and shuttle buses plying within the city conform to Euro 2 and 3 stipulations.


Visual Representation of Aamby Valley City highlighting relationships between roads and transport links.