Spa and Salon

The Spa
Experience Rebirth
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Ensconced in the Mini Club is Aamby Valley’s exclusive SPA Centre. Surrender yourself to our expert masseures for holistic treatments that will help you revive, relax and regenerate your spirit. It’s an experience like no other.
Aamby Valley Deep Tissue Massage | Back Treatment for Muscle Relaxation | Traditional Scalp Massage | Luxury Treatments for the Feet
Kerala Ayurvedic Center
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Discover life anew with 5000 year old holistic system of healing. Understand the knowledge of life and longevity or Ayurveda, at our exclusive Kerala Ayurvedic Centre. Know your Ayurvedic constitution with time-tested therapy and age-old tradition.
Therapies: Dinacharya - Awakening Therapy for the Five Senses | Abhyangam - Ayurvedic Massage Therapy | Synchronized Abhyangam - Whole Body Massage Therapy | Shirodhara - Ayurvedic Sensory Therapy | Mukha Lepam - Ayurvedic Facial | Pichu - Back Therapy | Kadi Vasti - Localized Back Therapy | Shiroabhyangam - Ayurvedic Head Massage | Padabhyangam - Ayurvedic Massage for the Feet
*Ayurvedic Massage caters to only Male Guests until further notice
Foot SPA
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Located in the Upper SPA below the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, the Foot SPA combines hedonistic nurturing with total relaxation for one-of-its-kind SPA experience.
Foot SPA Treatments | Luxury Therapy for the Feet | Padabhyangam Ayurvedic Massage for the Feet | Reflexology | The Foot SPA Pedicure
Salon Vogue
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Make a style statement. Stay in vogue. Drop in to our exquisite Salon Vogue, a Unisex Salon that offers an extensive range of Hair Care, Facials, Body Polishes, Massages and Luxury Nail Treatments.
Unisex Haircutting and Styling | Formal Hair Styling and Make-up | Bridal Packages & Saree Draping | Hair Colour, Perming & Re-bonding | Luxury Hair Spa Treatment | Henna Hair Treatments | Traditional Scalp Massage | Body Treatments - Body Polishes and Massage | Facial Treatments - Threading, Bleaching and Waxing | Luxury Manicures - Pedicures and Nail Design | Henna Designs and Henna Tattoos | Specialized Services - Ear Piercing and Mole Making
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