"A world created for the Love of Life."
India - the glorious nation of over a billion people is renowned for its many awe-inspiring man-made landmarks and architectural splendours. However, the credit for all these creations will have to be attributed to the various dynasties that ruled India for over 750 years. As an independent country we do have the abilities and must resolve to create iconic landmarks that would be recognised the world over.
The concept of Aamby Valley City has been a long cherished aspiration that of creating independent India's first planned hill city. A realisation of a superior living space, where all the three tenets of life 'Shanti', 'Sukh' and 'Santhushti' can be experienced and cherished in a cosmic environment that exudes natural beauty and radiates energy. This is indeed a world created for the love of life, where life can be lived, relished and celebrated.
Aamby Valley City is our most earnest effort and a humble contribution towards creating a creative, planned living environment that would be long remembered as India's tribute to the world. This meticulously crafted development as you see today is poised to grow manifolds and evolve further in years to come.
I dedicate this original creation to the 1.25 billion people of free India and am confident that all stake-holders, investors and citizens of Aamby Valley City will cherish their association with us and be proud of their decision of investing their aspirations in this valley of peace & happiness.
I would also like to re-affirm my commitment to one and all that Aamby Valley City will continue to manifest itself towards the zenith of excellence and in its many wonders would continue to delight one and all.

Subrata Roy Sahara
Managing Worker & Chairman
Sahara India Pariwar